Business is organization of one or more individuals. Trade goods, provide services, or both to your consumers.
No matter the profit and nonprofit, or organization shape, you can do your activity your job's aim.
Which classes should we take?   business-model-canvas-ft.jpg

Freshman (Required)
  • Academic Writing I,II
    • learn about how to write an essay
    • improve our skills to write faster, and write correct grammar
  • Academic Listening I,II
    • learn how to take notes, and organize it
    • improve listening skills
  • Academic Reading I,II
    • improve reading speed, quantity of vocabulary, and understand readings
  • Extensive Reading I,II
    • read many picture books, and improve reading skills
    • discuss out-of-class reading, and present about a picture book
  • English Presentation I,II
    • learn how to give a presentation.
    • improve own presentation skills, using keynote or something to show.
    • develop our skills by evaluating classmates' presentations and own presentation.
  • Communicative English I,II
    • learn how to communicate with people in English.
  • Cross-Cultural Studies I,II
    • learn about Japan in CCS I
    • learn about other countries, their cultures, histories, and characteristics in CCS II
  • English Phonetics I,II
    • learn how to pronounce English words, and improve our pronunciation skills
Freshman (elective)
  • Computer Ia, IIa
    • learn how to use Windows computer in Japanese.
  • Computer Ib, IIb
    • learn how to use Macintosh computer in English.
  • Tourism English I,II
    • learn about tourism, especially how to travel abroad
    • learn what the famous cities in the world
  • English for Certification I,II
    • improve TOEIC, TOEFL, or Steps's skills to get high score

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In Sophomore year

  • English for Certification III, IV
    • We can improve skills of TOEIC or Steps.
  • Business English I, II
    • We learn about International business etiquette to be able to deal with International business.
  • Media English I
    • We learn about media such as newspaper, magazine, Internet, TV.
    • We learn about international business.
  • ビジネス概論
    • We learn about actual circumstance of current business learning tourism-related industry.
    • to improve analysing skills, proposing skills, and critical thinking.
    • We go to Nagoya station to research the tour companies and the views round Nagoya station.
  • British Studies I, II
    • We learn about Britain, especially, about the nation, history, and other relations of the U.K.
    • We give an own presentation about the U.K.
  • American Studies I, II
    • We can improve knowledges about America with discussion and other ways.
  • Introduction Economies
    • We learn about advance economic literacy.
    • We learn how to best to use our little resources-what to produce, how and for whom.
  • 中部の産業と経済
    • We learn about industries and economics in Chubu, and how they affect our life.
    • We can improve analysing skills by studying and reading statistics documents.
  • 現代経済学
    • This class is application of Introduction to Economics.
    • We can improve analysing skills about Japanese economics.
  • NGO・NPO論
    • We learn what the NGO and the NPO are, especially, their structures, organisations, and the methods.
  • 韓国語 I, II/中国語 I, II/スペイン語 I, II
    • We learn one of them as the third language.

In Junior & Senior year

  • International studies I
    • We learn about world history. For example WWI,II , Cold War.
    • We learn about why a accident is important in world history.
  • Oceania Studies
    • We learn about Australian culture and history.
  • Marketing
    • We learn how to sell products to customers.
    • We learn about why we bought products, and what is important point when we buy products.

  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • アジアの文化
    • We have to do presentation about a Asia country which you like.
  • Extensive Reading&Listening I, II (in Junior year)
    • We have to read books which is your level out of class, then we discuss about your reading in class.
    • If we are interested in English music, we can tell our classmates our favorite artists or songs.
    • We have to write what we read in site.
  • Extensive Reading&Listening III, IV (in Senior year)
  • Communicative English V, VI (in Junior year)

  • Communicative English VII, VIII (in Senior year)
  • English Certification V
  • Global Economy
  • Simultaneous Interpretation I, II
  • Translation Skills I, II
  • Business Practices in the Tourism Industry I, II (in Senior year)
  • Sociolinguistics
  • International Relations I, II
  • 職業と法
  • 企業研究 I, II
  • 韓国語 III, IV/中国語 III, IV/スペイン語 III, IV (in Junior year)
  • 日本語表現 I, II (in Junior year)

We have to learn Business Ethics.
The way of learning
  • at special school
  • by superiorFR
  • through internet etc...
We have to know about marketing. Nowadays, the marketing is different from old days. Now, woman has big power.
We have to have out of box thinking, and company also want like those people.


Possible job

・You can do anything if you want without the job which need special license.
ex) Teacher license
・You can work on like following work place or position.
Business company, treading company , Department store, Secretary, IT company, Insuranace company, Duty-Free shop,Government official,
shop assistant, owner, sales staff, receptionist, secretary、charman, licensed tax accountant, cabinet minister, governor, mayor,housekeeper,buttler,
・You can make own company like trading company and so on.
・Welfare work is also business. If you are interested in environment, you can work in environment business. This job is mainly for the post oil, but the definition is unclear, so the activity which you want to do is good for environment little bit, you can work as environment business.