/♥Education Teacher License Course


Here is three topics♥:)

*Course description -- What is the teacher license course?

Teacher license course is a course to get teacher license.

The students learn what education is and how to teach to the students.

-Elective Course(You don't have choose.)

-Will do the moral education class

the English education class

-To go to the practice teaching

Basically, we go to junior high school.
But if you want to go to high school, you can go there.

We have to get 600 score on TOEIC!!!

*What is education?

*In Japan - Everyone has the right to education. The Constitution of Japan Article 26

- Kindergarten About 3 years

(- Nursery school Not education)

- Elementary school 6 years

- Junior high school 3 years

6 to 15 years old = compulsory education

- High school 3 years〜

- University 2 years〜

*Which classes are there in this course? -- Which classes can we take?

・In freshman course

・教育原理...The students can understand theory of education.
・教育入門...The students learn how to teach moral, and demonstrate their own class.
・教育心理学...The students learn the psychology for education.

・In sophomore course

・道徳指導法...The students learn how to teach moral to their students. They demonstrate their class as a teaching practice.

・In junior course

・英語科教育法III...The students learn high school course of study organization.
•英語科教育法IV...The students practice how to work on English well.
•教育行政...The students learn how to solve school problem.
・特別活動の指導法...The students learn meaning and goal of school special activity.
•教育実習指導...The students reconfirm the class so far.

・In senior cours

・教育実習指導...The students lean how to teach knowledge and techniques.
・教育実習Ⅱ…The students go hight school to teacher training two weeks.
・教職実践演習(中・高)…The students practice to teach in English class.

*Possible jobs -- Which jobs can we get?

<Main Options>

★Junior high school teacher (1 sort)

★high school teacher(1 sort)

<Sub Options>

(•elementary school teacher)

(•kindergarten teacher)

(•clam school teacher)

After get a teacher license for junior high school or high school, you can try to get a teacher license for elementary school or kindergarden*:)

- If you want to be an elementary school or kindergarten teacher, you must take classes from Department of Early Childhood Education.

※You have to get 600 scores on TOEIC by end of 3rd grade !!!!!

because we have to go teaching practice when we are senior (4th grade).

If you can not get the score, you can not go to teaching practice x(

* You have one other choice
If you passed STEP pre-1st grade, you can go to teaching practice!!!!!

★About teacher★

Main education course teacher is Masayuki Ishiwata, Kosei Sibata and Tsutomu Yokota

You will have a lot of homework, but you can know a lot !!!!!!!!!!

so...Let's enjoy teaching with us:)