What is tourism?

Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes.
Many people enjoy travel. Tourism is very important business in the world.

What is hospitality?

It is your caring.
The feeling that we want to help people who get in a bind is hospitality.

If we want to work at tourism company or to be tourist, we may take these class.

* Theory of Tourism

* Theory of Business

* Tourism English I and II

* Tourism and Geography

* Business Practice in Tourism Industry I and II ・・・We learned about brochure and we made a original brochure.


・CA・・・The role of a attendant drives from that of similar positioned on passenger.
・Tour guide・・・They spend a lot of time with visitor.
・Tour conductor・・・They help passenger anything.
・Bus guide・・・We can spend most of our time with costumer.
・Ground staff・・・We can help to passenger, and we can give information to passenger.
・Hotel staff・・・They offer good service to guest.
・Tour planning・・・They make plans.
・Tour operation
・Counter sales
・Station Attendant
・Pilot!!!!!!!・・・Women can become a pilot!→Here
・Theme Park(Disney Land etc...)
・Government office of tourism
. JTB is famous tourism company.

At tourism company




・英検 & TOEIC(over 600)

You can get license by "YOU CAN"!!Here!

State qualification (国家資格)


Do you know "Visit Japan Campaign" ?
It means want a lot of people who are fromoverseas to visit Japan.
Japanese Government practiced it from 2003.




What is ECO tourism?
KEEP beautiful earth= fun trip
ECO tourism is good nature
・natural tour
・experience traditional art
For example, to visit natural, rural and regional, and ethnic minorities etc...
Also, to learn about them life style, and culture.
external image 27205ah3332016094_1.jpg
↑Are you interested in this?
This is event.

•Toure guide is to explain sightseeing.

•Eco-tour has think of ecotourism, or to make travel plan include about it.
※However, sometimes people do not understand properly the eco-tourism↓
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•To become a tour guide, we have to lean about history of sightseeings.
Also we should learn not only English but also history of sightseeing.